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Meet Miss Nicola

Miss Nicola is from Vancouver, Canada and has been living in America since 2007.  She began performing at the age of 4 and has a deep love of singing, dancing and everything musical.  She took her first Music Together class in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the Music Together program.  In 2015, After many years of taking classes with her children, Miss Nicola decided to become a Music Together teacher which just gave her a deeper love and admiration for the Music Together program.  She is thrilled to be here and bring her love of children, music and dance to all of us.

'Music is the great uniter.  An incredible force.  Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common'
  --Sarah Dessen

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Meet Miss Hartley

Miss Hartley is a native Californian and has been enjoying the east coast sunshine since she moved to Florida in 2021. Once a child actress, she studied acting, singing and movement all throughout her childhood and college days until her career moved her into post-production. When she took her first Music Together class with her son, she felt right at home; it was a perfect blend of song and dance and pure joy.  So when the opportunity to actually teach these classes became a possibility, she jumped at the chance!  After learning even more about the program, she’s so excited to be part of a creative and musical learning journey that is also tons of fun!
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About Treasure Grove Music

Spend intimate, fun-filled time with your little one and meet other new parents in a Treasure Grove Music Together class. You’ll learn many musical ways to interact with your infant, all while supporting their music and overall development. Open the door to a world of possibility, not only for music-learning, but for all learning. As you sing, laugh, and learn together, you’ll bond not only with your baby, but also with the other moms and dads in your class. And your first semester is just the beginning of your family’s Music Together experience. Over the years, you’ll love watching your child grow into a lifelong music-maker! Your baby is ready to make music. Join the fun today!
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